Saturday, October 07, 2006


So I moved last friday. It was an intense move had to get a big truck and evrything. HA! No acutally I moved across the hallway into a one bedroom apartment. Everything is great except for the dog piss smell and stain in the middle of the living room. I have been trying for over a week to get the smell out. Urine gone worked pretty well. However after it dried I realized it pulled the piss and smell up from the padding. so now the stains look worse but don't smell so bad. I am going to get some more stuff today to clean the stains. Hopefully by next week the carpet will not smell and I can enjoy my new living room. - Jessiye 8:1

Thursday, September 21, 2006

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Well August was extreamly hectic and I though September would slow down but it hasn't. I don't think I ever mentioned that I have been diagnoised with Poly Cystic Ovairan Syndrome. PCOS for short. It basically means I get a lot of cysts in my ovaries. So one option is to regulate it with birth control. Since I am not married I am okay with that. Because what a lot of people don't realize is that birth control pills make the uterine lining extreamly think so that if you have sex while on the pill the fertilized egg cannot implant. The pill does not stop you from making eggs or trick your body into thinking your pregnant. (those were the myths i was told when i was younger) So if you belive that a fertilized egg is a baby (Which I do) then birth control and having sex is abortion. You could be killing babies and not even know it. Anyway. Since I am saving my self for mariage. Birth control is okay to try anf regulate the PCOS. Basically I have crazy random periods. I have gone as many as 9 months without a period. Which basically means I had no way to get rid of the un used egg (which when not used and gotten rid of turns into a liquid filled ball: a cyst) so eggs build up and can make it so that eventually you ovaries are so filled with cyst that the stop releasing eggs. Which can make a person unable to have children. Or cause ovarian cancer. (because of the abnormalities in the ovary) Since I am at very high risk (60%) of having ovarian cancer since my mother died from it and her aunt died from it and my aunt had breat cancerand now PCOS. So even though they are driving my hormones up the wall at times if it will help lessen the chance of getting ovarian cancer and give me a chance to have children when I get married then I will take them. I have been recommended to see a genetist and an endocrinologist. I need to finally make an apointment to see the Human Genetic Lab so they can do a study and find out the true risks and true percentage of me contracting ovarian cancer (a silent killer-usually only found when it has spread to another organ and is in it's final stages). Well Work calls. More updates later. - Jessiye17:1

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Day, New Accident, Off Duty

After yesturdays events I didn't exspect to have any more adventures (other then the arrival of my frineds baby). So I fill up my car and head up the street to get my prescriptions from wal-mart. I come up on a stopped car and a womoen running out to the intersection. I see a blue bicycle laying in the middle of the intersection. I leave my car back to block traffic and put my flashers on. I run up to the victim. He complaning of right thigh pain. 8 out of 10. A women is bendign down next to him. He holding his right leg. She is asking questions and he complaining of numbness and inability to move his right leg. So I ask if he can wigggle his toes and can he feel me touching his foot. The women (turned out to be a nurse) and I began to remove his shoe in search of a pedal pulse. Neither one of us could find one. However the gentleman was wearing a compression stocking because he has a history of poor circulation. The gentleman said he was trying to move his leg but when he tried to move it nothing happened. Police showed up first and began to redirect traffic. (intersection was a 4-way stop) Once multiple cops arrived they began to interview witnesses and completely block traffic. We waited for the squad to show up. Squad pulled up started doing their own assesment and gathering history. We decided to roll him onto a back boardwhile someone held his leg in position. He yelled as we moved him. Any movement of the leg caused intense pain. The leg was padded with multiple blankets and towells and sheets. We then moved him to the stetcher. Then I helped the fire dept load him into the squad. The nurse and I made sure the authorites didn't need any info from us. EMS left the scene. Police took custody of the bike and asked us if we actually saw the accident. Niether one of us did. The officer told us that no one saw who was driving the car that hit the man (the car left the scene) and the description of the car was green or blue 90's sedan. Which means no one will find who hit the guy.

I cleared the scene and went to go visit my friends and thier new baby. When I got to the hospital my friends husband had the apaper and told me there was a blurb about yesturdays accident. The luietnent that actually took my report verified that the car was exceeding 90 mph and the the flipped car no one was wearing thier seat belt. (which i suspected with how fast they exited the vehicle). By the way the baby is so cute. Mekhi Aramus Jackson 7lbs 3.4 oz 19 1/2 in born at 14:27 August 20, 2006. Congratualations!! May you not have any of the excitment I have been having. - Jessiye 16:2

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Crash Flip Burn

So my partner and I pick up a patient with brain swelling. We need to get him to the downtown hospital to be evauluated by a neurosurgen. The freeway I am driving on has three lanes. I pass up an exit going about 60 mph. I am in the center lane. On my left a car blows past me going about 90 - 100 mph. I yell to my partner in the back "Holy crap did you see that?" He looks out of the window shakes his head in disgust and turns back to the patient. I continue to watch this idiot zoom up the freeway. About 100 feet in front of our squad there was a black car and a red van. (the black car was in the left lane and the red car in the center lane). So this speeding sports car comes up right behind the black car still going about 95 mph and tries to pass the car on the left in the left shoulder (which is just to narrow for a car to fit in it, maybe just a foot to narrow)When the sports car (which was supped up to look like a race car) realizes that it isn't going to be able to pass, it brakes for a quick second. Then unable to stop at it high rate of speed the race car hit's the black car. The black car flipped into the air rear end flipping up first with the front of the car bouncing off the race car and spining three times in the air then landing on it's roof. I throw the radio at my partner and tell him to call dispatch telling them our location. I turn the lights on and park to block traffic (retrospeck:with a patient in the back probably not the greatest idea) I throw the squad into park, see smooke pooring out and run to the car. As I aprouch I see arms and legs flailing. I just keep thinking that this is going to be very bad. Just as I bend down on the passengers side to pull out a victim a women comes crawling out screaming. She freezes up against the median screaming. The drivers runs over to her screaming. I am almost yelling at the two to get them to move away from the car (the smoking car). I get them to move next to our squad. I run back to the car to look around and make sure no one else is in the car. No other people just bookshelves. I run back to the victims who are hugging each other and crying and screaming. I am once again almost yelling to get the to answer the are you hurt question. Both women denied pain. They had no abraisions, blood, cuts. They denied anyone else being in the vehicle. The only injury they admited was a little bit of redness on the drivers knee. My partner poked his head out of our squad and informed me that police and fire were on the way. A police officer from a neighboring city identified himself. I informed him as well as the women that we had a patient that we needed to get to the ER. Emergency services were enroute and we left the scence.

I have never ever seen anything like that in my life. It was crazy. It felt like I was watching a movie. Because we left the scene to deliver our patient to the neurosurgen. I called the police deptartment in the city it happened and asked if they wanted my statement since we were the only vehucle directly behind and with a height advantage. My only regret is that I didn't hit the panic button on our cameras. Our ambulances are equipped with drive cameras that can be triggered by harsh driving or hitting the "panic" button. Most of my days are spent trying to make sure I don't set that camera off. (the camera is always recording but only saves if it is triggered) After it is triggered it records the event then goes back and saves 10 seconds before and after the event. If I had hit the button as soon I as I threw the radio to my partner the police would have a whole lot more then witness staements. Just another life lesson learned. ~ Jessiye 16:1

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No Private EMS allowed

Most Emergency rooms have an EMS room which usually has a table and chairs for completing run reports. Some EMS rooms have snacks and refreshment because most EMS workers don't have time to stop and get something to eat.
While private EMS and city EMS/Fire are different, it doesn't mean Private runs any less or hard. The calls are just different. If fact where I work we don't get to return to base until the shift is over. We runs all day long without a break most days.

Today we recieved a call to transport a subaracnoid hemorage patient to the NSU (neurosurgical intensive care unit) When we arrived in the ER to pick up our patient the nurse was running around and asked us if we could wait because she had a full arrest going on and she wasn't ready for us to transport the patient yet. She told us to go get some coffee and just wait. She would let us know we she was ready. So where do paramedics playing the waiting game in an ER go. The EMS room! Well we hung out in there had a stale cookie. Then a security guard comes in and scolds us for being in the EMS room. (This particular hospital has a sign next to the EMS room that says "Fire Personnell Only") He escorts us out (in front of several firemen we where BSing with, who looked rather shocked that we were being escorted out) and yells at us again saying the nurse has been looking for you. The nurse still wasn't quite ready seeing as in the 10 minutes since we arrived at the ER 3 more squads rolled in. We appologized to the nurse for not being right at the desk. She said she sent to security guard to tell us she was ready. We joked about getting yelled at for being in the EMS room. The nurse rolled her eyes and said sorry about that. We got report the patient was pretty stable. As we were rolling out patient hooked up to everything. We over hear the nurse saying on our behalf that she didn't want us to get in trouble because she told us to wait. The security guard told her we knew we weren't suposse to be in the EMS room. In this metropolitain area Private EMS gets even less respect then regular EMS. Nurses don't give any report because we are just transport! We are expected to take the patients 10 suitcases and boxes and bags like we are the taxi service. I don't know any Taxi drivers who have to take vitals and fill out runs reports. Well I'm done gripping for now. - Jessiye 15:3

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Light Duty

I sprained my left wrist while lowering the cot down with a patient on it. I can't really explain why it happened. But We lowered the patient down and as soon as I left go of the cot after it locked I had a very sharp intense pain in my wrist. I didn't think anything of it. Then about 15 minutes later I had an even sharper pain shoot up my arm. Which I though was weird but no need to inform supervisors. Then after about 2 hours my whole hand was numb. So I went through the whole process of filling out worker's comp paper work. Then went to the ER. Had to do a breathalizer test and a urine drug test per company policy on injuries. They fitted me with a splint/brace. This all happened on Friday (6/3/06). So I couldn't meet with the occupational health doctor until Monday or the company HR. So Monday I saw HR, filled out more paper work, signed my light duty papers, then went to see the occupational health doctor. The office was crazy. I finally got in and filled out paper work with my history of SVT, Migraines and Seizures and all my allergies. Then saw the nurse/tech. The guy never really introduced himself. Took vitals asked what happened then told me the doctor would be right in. Only 5 minutes later the doctor came. I explained what happened again. The doc asked the location of pain and what not. Which wasn't really my main concern since my hand had been numb ever since Friday. He said I would just have to wait until the swelling went down so the nerves wouldn't be pinched anymore. He asked what the ER gave me for pain and if it was working. Ibuprofen 600mg. Which I usually take for Migraines and it didn't do anything for the wrist pain. He then jumped to Naproxen which I am immune too. It's like taking a placebo. So then came the Darvocet. I wasn't happy with taking a Narcotic but willing to try it. So I take it and nothing for the pain so I figure well that was a waste. Then I felt like I was going to have a seizure about 4 hrs into taking it. I has some convultions but wasn't sure if it was the Darvocet. I took it again about 4 hrs later and with in 30 minutes I was having convulsions almost seizures. It felt like I was getting electrocuted every 5 to 10 minutes. I read more carefully the precautions which said people with a seizure history should be carefully watched when taking Darvocet because if there is a history of seizures Darvocet can cause seizures. So my questions is why didn't the doctor know that? Did the doctor even look at my chart and see my history? I'd rather deal with the pain then have those convulsions again. So while it hurts a lot today is the first day my hand wasn't numb. - Jessiye 15:2

I'm still alive I swear!

So I relized while browsing through blogs that I haven't posted in about 6 months......Uhhh lots has happened but here is a sum up. Resolutions didn't work that well. Dated a guy...that didn't work for many reasons but mostly his parents told him they didn't like me because I'm black. So that ended but mostly because he wasn't agressive enough for me I felt like I was leading the relationship and I would like to play the women role in a relationship. Umm new shift. Random partners. Youth group is going great. We are growing lots more kids. My car will be paid off in October. Umm tthere are so many things I could have blogged about. But now I am back... I hope. I will start off slow by blogging when I have something interesting happen. So tune it. Check your blog list and I will be around.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Year in Review

So I haven't blogged since the begining of October. Well not a lot has happened but plenty has happened. In any case it's too late for all those updates.

Things that happened in 2005.

1) I got a job in EMS!
2) Discovered I have a cardiac (heart) condition
3) First Partner turns out to be a crazy psycho b!tch
4) Crazy Psycho B!tch got fired!!!!!
5) Cardiac Pain really Acid Reflux?? Nope just acid reflux.
6) One month of waering a heart monitor.
7) Running Hot for the first time and loving working with my new partner.
8) To switch EMS companies or not to switch (retrospect says DON'T SWITCH)
9) My Aunt Died.
10) Worked my @$$ off doing 36-48 hrs straight.
11) Started getting some real emergencies and running code 3 almost every day.
12) Began a new vulgarity issue which has not let up. Cussing like a truck driver.
13) Had some sh!tty calls.
14) The boss is crazy and does drugs while threatening your life and almost forcing you to do things the state would take your cards for.
15) Got pranked at work for the first of many times.
16) Boss calls you and says "I fired everyone."
17) Worst Birthday Ever.
18) Got drunk out of my mind and had my first hangover........and vomitted.
19) Got a new car.
20) Took a vacation.
21) Had some revelations
22) Moved out.
23) December 23 .......
24)Friends are awesome!!! Especially mine. NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!!
25) Life is Good!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Can you believe it's already 2006!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Last Straw!

So It comes down to getting out before showone gets shot. Now any regular readers know my boss is crazy. Posts ---> It comes to this , BIG Dilema (cocaine) , State Inspection , I fired everyone , Called Police. Those are a lot of the reasons. But even more I hate not knowing if I will have a job or not EVERY day. Whether or not someone else was fired just cause. If there will be any working squads to run calls with? Is this the day the state comes to shut us down?Can I be brought up on charges for the crap that has happened? Will the boss threaten me again with running an ACLS call without a state card or be fired? (I graduated medic school but couldn't pass the registry) Will I be told to run light and sirens for dialysis trips we are late for even thought it's illegal? Will what I am "forced" to do get my cards taken away? Will the boss fly off the handle and throw a printer at me lke he has at other employees? Will he pull a gun on me like he has other employees? Or a knief? I have to worry about these things everyday. So I am getting away from the stress of this company. The above picture should pretty much some up why I should leave. Although most of you are porbably saying I should have left months ago. Or never came to this company to begin with. The other pictures below show conditions of the squads and miles. If we had a pop inspection of our vehicles we'd be shut down. Since I am going back to the first company I have slept better not stressing and the days have been better when working where I am at. - Jessiye 13:2

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Almost 1 Year Old

So I just relized All Over The Place is almost a year old. And a lot of things have happened in this past year. But over the past month or so I posted nothing and I am very sorry for this. Especially since there has been so much to talk about. Please read down and check out what has been going on. Jessiye 13:1