Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Play

So Friday night was opening night and also our first full rehearsal all in one. Umm snags here and there. I am the stage manager and have a 4 person crew plus me. So 1 of my crew wasn't there last night. So I had to fill in his roll and also do mine. But we had major major changes. So Friday morning the director calls me and says. There are some changes. I say okay then he tells me the kids are gone we are cutting 2 songs. The order is completely changed. I had the crew spaced out so that I could use them at the right time since some of them had parts in the play. So now since I had to work Friday I get to church around 5 mind you the play starts at 7 and at the last practice I told them to be there at 6. So I get there and see a bench front and center on the stage. Apparently for the one solo of white Christmas. So okay now I have to get two guys to move this bench....But wait oh my goodness it weighs 80lbs.....Great we have a cast iron bench. So now I have to be me and another person and another person due to the fact that I don't have time to use the other person. Then for the send half I almost missed a set change because I was originally told AFTER the pastor talks. But then like five people come running and start yelling at me to put the stuff on stage while the pastor is talking/praying. I'm like I am not having me and my crew walk out on stage with the lights up while the pastor is praying. But these crackmonkeys keep yelling at me so I send my crew out and I replace that one guy. Mind you we all wear black so you can't see us in the dark. But when we go out the light in the whole sanctuary are on. After that little mishaps and the choir freaking out on me because they're nervous it went fine. So tonight was good too except for another sequence change! I had my whole crew and the changes seemed to flow well. Now tomorrow we are supposed to be getting 14 in of snow so that means 2 of my crew might not be able to make it. So can I be 2 people again? Well I have ranted away - Jessiye 3:2


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