Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ghetto Squad

Ghetto Cot (my partner congratulates me on an improv done well).

So when my partner and I got our squad we noticed there wasn't a back on our cot. No place to put extra airway tubing and masks, or the O2. We figured out how to carry the O2 by placing it right in front of the head elevating lever. So we head off to pick up patients. Our first call is ALS requiring monitor, O2 and saline running. Then we realize we have no where to put the monitor. My partner tries to balance it. But as soon as we moved the cot it started to fall through. Then I had a brilliant idea. We have tape!! So I tapped the back in a way that we could still break it down but also still hold the monitor when need be. (see above picture) But as we found out that wasn't the only thing our squad was up too. The lights in the patient compartment and rear flood blinked and flickered every time we hit a bump. Then we heard an odd clicking when you accelerated. Turns out that also made the lights flicker on and off. Then we had patient’s complaining of cold air blowing on them. Sure enough our heat was blowing cold. Back at base there were no working squads. In fact they had to send two squads home upon arrival because there were no trucks for them. Eventually we got a new truck. My old squad. I knew that even though the side door took a special way to open we at least had heat and no flickering. Good day. Chest pain at 4 relieved with one aspirin. Tomorrow I get set up with a 30 day cardiac monitor. - Jessiye 6:5


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