Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Last Straw!

So It comes down to getting out before showone gets shot. Now any regular readers know my boss is crazy. Posts ---> It comes to this , BIG Dilema (cocaine) , State Inspection , I fired everyone , Called Police. Those are a lot of the reasons. But even more I hate not knowing if I will have a job or not EVERY day. Whether or not someone else was fired just cause. If there will be any working squads to run calls with? Is this the day the state comes to shut us down?Can I be brought up on charges for the crap that has happened? Will the boss threaten me again with running an ACLS call without a state card or be fired? (I graduated medic school but couldn't pass the registry) Will I be told to run light and sirens for dialysis trips we are late for even thought it's illegal? Will what I am "forced" to do get my cards taken away? Will the boss fly off the handle and throw a printer at me lke he has at other employees? Will he pull a gun on me like he has other employees? Or a knief? I have to worry about these things everyday. So I am getting away from the stress of this company. The above picture should pretty much some up why I should leave. Although most of you are porbably saying I should have left months ago. Or never came to this company to begin with. The other pictures below show conditions of the squads and miles. If we had a pop inspection of our vehicles we'd be shut down. Since I am going back to the first company I have slept better not stressing and the days have been better when working where I am at. - Jessiye 13:2


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Spike said...

A thrown printer and a gun? Jesus. I'd be off to a lawyer in my lunch hour. Working under those sort of conditions will give you the heebies.


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