Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Light Duty

I sprained my left wrist while lowering the cot down with a patient on it. I can't really explain why it happened. But We lowered the patient down and as soon as I left go of the cot after it locked I had a very sharp intense pain in my wrist. I didn't think anything of it. Then about 15 minutes later I had an even sharper pain shoot up my arm. Which I though was weird but no need to inform supervisors. Then after about 2 hours my whole hand was numb. So I went through the whole process of filling out worker's comp paper work. Then went to the ER. Had to do a breathalizer test and a urine drug test per company policy on injuries. They fitted me with a splint/brace. This all happened on Friday (6/3/06). So I couldn't meet with the occupational health doctor until Monday or the company HR. So Monday I saw HR, filled out more paper work, signed my light duty papers, then went to see the occupational health doctor. The office was crazy. I finally got in and filled out paper work with my history of SVT, Migraines and Seizures and all my allergies. Then saw the nurse/tech. The guy never really introduced himself. Took vitals asked what happened then told me the doctor would be right in. Only 5 minutes later the doctor came. I explained what happened again. The doc asked the location of pain and what not. Which wasn't really my main concern since my hand had been numb ever since Friday. He said I would just have to wait until the swelling went down so the nerves wouldn't be pinched anymore. He asked what the ER gave me for pain and if it was working. Ibuprofen 600mg. Which I usually take for Migraines and it didn't do anything for the wrist pain. He then jumped to Naproxen which I am immune too. It's like taking a placebo. So then came the Darvocet. I wasn't happy with taking a Narcotic but willing to try it. So I take it and nothing for the pain so I figure well that was a waste. Then I felt like I was going to have a seizure about 4 hrs into taking it. I has some convultions but wasn't sure if it was the Darvocet. I took it again about 4 hrs later and with in 30 minutes I was having convulsions almost seizures. It felt like I was getting electrocuted every 5 to 10 minutes. I read more carefully the precautions which said people with a seizure history should be carefully watched when taking Darvocet because if there is a history of seizures Darvocet can cause seizures. So my questions is why didn't the doctor know that? Did the doctor even look at my chart and see my history? I'd rather deal with the pain then have those convulsions again. So while it hurts a lot today is the first day my hand wasn't numb. - Jessiye 15:2


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