Thursday, September 21, 2006

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Well August was extreamly hectic and I though September would slow down but it hasn't. I don't think I ever mentioned that I have been diagnoised with Poly Cystic Ovairan Syndrome. PCOS for short. It basically means I get a lot of cysts in my ovaries. So one option is to regulate it with birth control. Since I am not married I am okay with that. Because what a lot of people don't realize is that birth control pills make the uterine lining extreamly think so that if you have sex while on the pill the fertilized egg cannot implant. The pill does not stop you from making eggs or trick your body into thinking your pregnant. (those were the myths i was told when i was younger) So if you belive that a fertilized egg is a baby (Which I do) then birth control and having sex is abortion. You could be killing babies and not even know it. Anyway. Since I am saving my self for mariage. Birth control is okay to try anf regulate the PCOS. Basically I have crazy random periods. I have gone as many as 9 months without a period. Which basically means I had no way to get rid of the un used egg (which when not used and gotten rid of turns into a liquid filled ball: a cyst) so eggs build up and can make it so that eventually you ovaries are so filled with cyst that the stop releasing eggs. Which can make a person unable to have children. Or cause ovarian cancer. (because of the abnormalities in the ovary) Since I am at very high risk (60%) of having ovarian cancer since my mother died from it and her aunt died from it and my aunt had breat cancerand now PCOS. So even though they are driving my hormones up the wall at times if it will help lessen the chance of getting ovarian cancer and give me a chance to have children when I get married then I will take them. I have been recommended to see a genetist and an endocrinologist. I need to finally make an apointment to see the Human Genetic Lab so they can do a study and find out the true risks and true percentage of me contracting ovarian cancer (a silent killer-usually only found when it has spread to another organ and is in it's final stages). Well Work calls. More updates later. - Jessiye17:1


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